The following article was published in the Bend Chamber Business Journal, December 2001

"Keep That Momentum Going, and Going, and Going"

By Ann Golden Eglé, PCC , CPCC Of Golden Visions Success Coaching

I learned a tough lesson during the Holidays years ago. As I was in a sales/service field that was not directly enhanced by the season and was in the process of winding down a spectacular year, I decided to celebrate by taking December off. Big mistake!

Little did I know the dramatic affect that stopping my momentum would have in the months to come! It was tougher than ever to gain back the enthusiasm, creativity and momentum that had produced such upward spiraling activity the previous year!

With every business there is a process to go through as year-end approaches. Learn from my mistake and go through some process, any process, to complete your year and set yourself up in a strong strategic position to begin your new year.

Here are some suggestions to keep your momentum going:

  • Set Goals—yes, I said the ‘g’ word! One would assume that this is a part of year-end activities for any business. In reality for many, it is not. How can you break your goals down into small achievable pieces? What works best for you—quarterly, monthly, weekly goals? Get a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and what your business will look like next year at this time.
  • Survey your clients, both those who purchased from or hired you and those who did not. Discover what went right so that you can build upon these strengths and also what can be improved upon.
  • Update your marketing plan. Does it fully represent who you are as a business today? What activities created the most volume for you? If you have no idea, what systems can you put into place to keep better track next year?
  • Look for areas in your business to expand, enhance or eliminate. Are you in autopilot in certain areas that are not producing for you? Are there segments of your market that you are missing?

Celebrate your successes. Learn from and let go of all else. Enjoy being more creative and expansive in your approach to your business and a very prosperous New Year to you!

Ann Golden Eglé, President of Golden Visions Success Coaching, coaches individuals who want to bridge that gap between where they are and where they want to be professionally, in business and in life. Contact her at 541-385-8887 or

Reprinted with permission from the Bend Chamber Business Journal, December, 2001

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