GV&A Leadership

A leader is anyone who affects the behavior or thought patterns of another. Clients are sometimes surprised to discover the leadership role they play. They are also relieved to learn that small changes can bring about dramatic results.

Below are examples of leaders with whom GV&A works:

  • Corporate C Level (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO)
  • Key decision makers who may not have direct reports
  • Upper management and upcoming leaders who think they have little voice yet people are watching and listening
  • Industry leaders and entrepreneurs who lead through innovative approaches, always ahead of the game
  • Sales and Marketing leaders who are constantly at the top of their game
  • High Profile individuals who make a statement wherever they go

Leadership is never easy. The skill sets involved in becoming strong leader are often difficult to attain on one's own. Many of our new clients are surprised at what they "didn't know" prior to entering our leadership development program.

For this reason the demand for business coaching, also referred to as leadership and executive coaching is at an all time high.

Our GV&A mission in working with our leaders is simple:

"To help our leaders reach higher and higher levels of effectiveness for the greater success of all involved."

Specifically, we help leaders understand their effectiveness or lack there of; be fully engaged both personally and for the greater good and be responsible for the results they create.

We accomplish this through methods of exposing and enhancing their strengths, eliminating their weaknesses, and teaching them to take their professional responsibilities more seriously and themselves less seriously.

To do this we delve into such areas as communication (specifically listening) skills, body language, assumptions, expectations (why doesn't everyone think like me?); personality issues, respect, appreciation, delegation and much more.

The end result is a win/win scenario for all involved.

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