Why a Business, Leadership or Executive Success Coach?

Studies show that as many as 40% of all newly promoted executives fail at their new job during the first year. Statistics are staggering as to the number of executives who are no longer engaged in their profession, they're bored.

While coaching has been used as a method to correct behavioral issues with high level executives historically, it is an increasingly popular tool for leaders across the board to become more engaged, effective and innovative in their positions.

‘Business' or ‘Life' Coach?

Much confusion exists with the overuse of ‘coaching' these days. In short, a ‘life coach' is someone who may be experienced with life and dabble in coaching business. A ‘business coach' (often called leadership or executive coach) will typically have 10-30 years of direct business, leadership and executive experience thus is well equipped to coach business and related personal issues.

Coaching Process

Coaching is a process of asking and answering tough questions to move you from where you are now to where you want to be. Dynamic results are born through a blend of highly qualified individuals:

  • You - the motivated client who knows yourself better than anyone else and wants grow into more than who and what you are today.
  • Your Coach - the strong, proven, experienced individual who will hold you accountable and knows how to go the distance with you.

GV&A matches coach and client personalities. New clients have two or more potential coaches with whom to interview for compatibility.

Common Questions New Clients Ask:

  • "Is it possible to be at the top of my game and still have time for _______?"
  • "Am I living the life I truly want to live my life?"
  • "How effective am I as a leader, executive, business owner?"
  • "What can I do to bring about stronger results?"
  • "How can I enhance my relationships, professional and personal?"
  • "Is this all there is? I've reached the top, now what?"

Coaching Methodology

You'll find no cookie-cutter approach with GV&A. We've learned that no two clients are the same. Our process begins with in-depth questionnaires and interviews with clients to draw out their immediate and long term goals.

We focus on ‘who' the client is and wants to be prior to jumping into ‘what' actions they take. The ‘who' defines the ‘what'. Many individuals have this backwards.

We identify core values, belief systems, personality nuances early on. We help our clients see just how much these three categories (and many, many others) affect who they are and what they are capable of attaining.

From here it's a process of working through day-to-day, week-to-week experiences to deepen the client's understanding of how their thoughts, actions, assumptions and expectations relate to their outcomes. It is actually quite fun.


Though many clients have been with us for years the average duration for full time coaching is 12-18 months. Ongoing monthly or quarterly follow-ups are common. Our minimum commitment is six months, more often a full year.

End Results

Please glance through testimonials to read the results past clients report. Results are a higher degree of success across the board: raises, promotions, top ranking awards, bolder, more confident decisions, better relationships (with themselves and others), improved health through balancing work and play, crystal clear clarity and focus on what's important.

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