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I Love Learning Something New Everyday

Your Success Thought for June 8, 2017

Friends and colleagues are no longer surprised at how I light up when talking about my clients and my Leadership/Executive Coaching practice. I simply love what I do.

Of course, since I'm in the field of complete confidentiality, individual and company names are never revealed, just the tremendous learning.

Every day I get to work with top-notch professionals who are as passionate as I am about moving the needle a little forward, on becoming better at what they do.

I get to ask questions, introduce tools, share studies, theories and insights that help them fuel their power to learn, grow, and deliver results.

I get to look deeply into their individual dramas, and how they've handled it in the past. How do they want to master it in the future?

What are their realities verses assumptions or perceptions? How are they holding themselves back and creating their own dilemmas? How can we get down to what really matters and let the rest go?

I learn something new every day, both through the brilliance of my clients and through my ongoing coursework with the world's greatest coaches.

If you agree in the rewards of learning something brand new every day I encourage you to open your mind and heart. Stop outer judgment and self criticism.

Ask new questions, talk to new people, get outside, look up at the sky, step away from your electronic devices and connect with life in a new way. Simply put, get curious about the world around you.

Enjoy your discoveries and have an outstanding week.



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