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Life Goes Like This!

Your Success Thought for September 27, 2017

I absolutely love the honesty in Marc Johns Serious Drawing 'Life Goes Like This', as it is so true.

Aside from life's normal ups and downs, sometimes we find ourselves in utter chaos.

We often not aware that it's coming or when it's behind us. All of a sudden, our world has been turned upside down and we don't know which way is up.

At times it's hard to breathe. At times it's a thrill to breathe. Priorities take on a different form.

States of chaos are not always unwelcome. They can be positive, even exciting as in my current state of training a tenacious Labradoodle puppy.

Other welcome states of chaos may involve falling in love; having a baby; getting that huge promotion; moving to a beautiful new City; starting your dream job.

You know that things will never be as they were prior to this chaos occurring. That's a wonderful and welcome change.

At other times the chaos that's thrust upon us breaks our hearts as in the death of a loved one or beloved pet; betrayal of a spouse or friend; loss of a job; natural disaster taking away our most prized possessions.
The honesty in Marc Johns' drawing is that at some point the chaos is behind us and we move on with our life's adventure, onward and upward.

As the drawing shows, we're at a higher level than when entering the whirlwind of chaos.

We are stronger, wiser, savvier.

Our lives are enriched. We smile more when looking in the mirror, are more discerning, take fewer things for granted. Ah, the joys of living a full life.

Perhaps you've never experienced such chaos, perhaps you never will.

However, if you are amidst it today, please take heart and note where you might be in the process. Let the chaos allow you to grow and expand into something you've not experienced before.

Today is a brand-new day. You are not the person you were prior to the chaos. You've grown. Feel gratitude and joy for being alive today. Thrive in being the new you.

Enjoy your discoveries and all that life brings you this week and beyond.




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