GV&A Testimonials:

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You made the space for me to change.  You asked questions that helped me dig deep into my behaviors.  I found myself again. Most importantly you celebrated my successes no matter how small.  By you celebrating my successes I was able to celebrate the successes of my colleagues. I enjoyed the ease of phone sessions. “

Carolyn Eagan, Economic Development Director
City of Bend

"My investment in Ann has been returned 20 times over. As a surgeon and scientist by training, I take great satisfaction in the perfection that I can attain in the operating room, however, I began to doubt my interpersonal skills as I struggled with professional relationships outside that environment. Contemplating a job change, I realized how much I could benefit from a coach and had the incredible fortune to connect with Ann. The clarity and conviction she has helped me achieve and nurture have transformed my life. I am more empowered to focus and trust in myself and have soared to greater heights of success than I would have dreamed previously. By simultaneously grounding and enabling grand visions, Ann helps me to sort through all the complexities of life to create the "best life" that I can. I have tremendously enjoyed her insight, her friendship and her direction and recommend her to anyone ready to invest in themselves"

Dr. Carla Smith, Director of orthopedic trauma
at Sacred Heart Medical Center

So, Ann, I tried Simply Beginning Again today. I knew I was meeting with a very good prospect this afternoon. Meditating this morning, and imagining how I wanted the meeting to go, how I'd feel, how I wanted the client to feel, giving myself permission to be successful - it all happened exactly as I imagined. And I picked up what will be my largest client, and the largest financial planning fee I've ever received in my career.

Thank you, for sending this out, and thank you for being you!

Doug Everett, CFP
Investment Advisor Representative
Voya Financial Advisors

“Bank of the Cascades has wisely hired Ann as our exclusive executive & leadership coach since 2003.

We soon learned what an inspiration Ann is, skillfully guiding our key executives to achieve more than they could have on their own. Her work with our senior leaders is objective and respectfully challenging.

She possesses a genuine desire, perhaps even a passion, to help her clients overcome anything that is holding them back in order to become more confident and successful leaders, communicators and decision makers.

What I most appreciate is that Ann will not ignore the tough issues. She is very encouraging. Plus she puts a smile on my face!”

Patricia L. Moss, Chief Executive Officer, Bank of the Cascades & President & CEO of Cascade Bancorp

"Several months ago our non-profit began looking for a leadership coach.  We were seeking that special talent that would help members of our staff expand their already impressive leadership abilities. Fortunately we found Ann Egle.  Immediately we knew it was a fit. 

She quickly understood what was needed and set about creating a training blueprint that helped our team gain the confidence in their abilities and the willingness to explore new approaches.  Her method was not to tell them what to do, but to provide an opportunity for them to identify and adopt new skills that greatly enhanced their leadership expertise. 

We believe hiring Ann was an incredibly prudent investment in the future success of our organization. "

Darrel Buttice, Board President
Habitat for Humanity

"As my professional coach since 2005, Ann Eglé has been my motivator, counselor, confidante, muse, sounding board, and friend. My relationship with her has been invaluable to me personally, professionally, and financially. Anyone who is interested in enriching their life, seeking new challenges and adventures, or improving their leadership skills should hire her immediately."

Brad A. Ward, MD, Partner, The Center Orthopedic &
Neurosurgical Care & Research

"Working with Ann has enabled me to become a much better husband, father, coworker, manager and leader than I otherwise would have been. Thank you. Ann has made a positive difference in my life and in many other lives as well."

Sven Melbo, President
TYR Wood Products, Inc.
Portland, Or.

“I seem to be inundated with an ever increasing stream of periodicals, newspapers and articles, most of which I assign to the recycling bin.  There are however some notable exceptions, one such being any article or column written by Ann Golden Egle of Golden Visions and Associates.  I find myself eagerly scanning through publications that she regularly writes for looking for her latest contribution.  Without exception I find her columns to be insightful, educational, and brim full of extremely practical advice.  Anyone looking to improve their business model will be well advised to add Ann’s columns to their must read list – they have certainly proved to be invaluable to mine”.

Alistair Paterson
Keynote Speaker & Communication Coach
Founder of The Aspirational Alliance

"Clarity, Reflection, Perspective, and Empowerment… Just to name a few of the most critical ideas that Ann has graciously led me to embrace over the many years we’ve worked together. Along the way, she has unequivocally been a steady confidant and a “cheerleader”, as I attempted to achieve many new goals, personally and professionally. As a professional coach, Ann is extremely knowledgeable, and continually surprises me with new methods for dealing with the issues that arise in an executive’s life. While we often get feedback from well-meaning parents, friends, spouses, kids, and colleagues, Ann brings some very special experience to the table when asked to help tackle an executive’s issue. As an example, Ann has a delightful way of gently asking you to “hold up a mirror” and take a deep look into your own personality, beliefs, and thoughts. Very quickly, you learn that looking outward often doesn’t deliver the intense personal and professional growth that looking inward can. I value the time I have spent with Ann and would highly recommend her professional support to reach new goals and life aspirations."

Lisa J. Graham, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Vice President
Bend Research Inc

"Ann Golden Eglé is the best thing to have impacted my life. She has a knack for understanding her clients clearly and guiding them through their life path whether it be business or personal. I truly cannot imagine what the past 4 years of my life would have been like without her influence. Thank you, Ann, for all you have given to me and my life. You are incredible!"

Sanna Phinney, CES, Owner, 1031 Asset Exchange, LLC


"Working with Ann has been an amazing experience. I hired GV&A to help take my business to the next level. Not only was she instrumental in making that a reality but she helped me to take my life to that peak level as well. Ann is the real deal. I often ponder' where would I be right now with my business as well as my outlook on life had I not hired her."

David M. Rosell, President, Rosell Financial Group

"Ann is very genuine and caring and that really came through working with her. Her style is customized to “you.” She listens and focuses on what your needs are and helps apply her experience and training so that you may achieve your personal and professional best results! With coaching, I was a little incredulous, thinking coaching may be “by-the-book” lessons and practice exercises. That changed in the first 10 minutes with Ann. Thank you Ann!!!"

David Cox, Director, IT Operations at The Standard

"Effective leadership is complicated. Having GV&A in my corner has helped me stay ahead of the game, keeping perspective on the many moving parts. A remarkable asset!"

Gunnar Hansen, VP of Finance, G5 Search Engine Marketing


"Ann has a powerful approach and extensive set of tools to help you discover and shape both your personal and professional life. She works with you to identify what the real issues are and encourages you to ask the hard questions most people want to ignore. Best of all, she cultivates your long term goals so you can excel and achieve all of your dreams."

Heather Deibele, former President,
Bend Research Pharmaceutical Process Development (BRPPD)

"I first hired Ann to help me in my work as a Sales Manager for a financial services firm. Her work enabled me to lead our organization to heights never reached in the past. She also helped me resolve personal issues, and find balance in my life. I highly recommend Ann's expertise to anyone who wants to improve their professional or personal life -- you won't be disappointed!"

Doug Everett, Financial Planning Consultant
at ING Financial Partners


"Ann is gifted on so many levels. She takes the time - and has the keen intuition - to help a client discover their inner talent and true yearnings. And then she carefully crafts a plan that capitalizes on this "inner calling" to bring a client's vision to fruition. If you're ready to act on your dreams, I'd highly recommend Ann."

Elicia Putnam, Founder, 14 Hands Brand Cultivator


"It really boils down to communication and confidence. Whether it is presentation, approach, tone, etc. there are a lot of variations when I think of each member of my executive team that Ann has coached. Each had different personalities and issues. They are all smart, savvy, experienced people who know their stuff but in some cases weren’t as effective as they could have been. While Ann’s expertises are many, what I most appreciate is her unique ability to observe our leaders on a deep level, suggesting small improvements that have a large impact. She communicates with each leader on their own terms, providing insight, tools and techniques to take them to a higher level of effectiveness. I have seen significant improvement and would highly recommend Ann to any individual wishing to elevate their effectiveness. It has been a wise investment for us."

Patricia Gibford, former President & CEO, Clear One Health Plans

"I have worked with Ann on business matters related to her company, gotten to know several of her coaches and have been in a mentoring group of top level executives and consultants with Ann for the past three years. Ann is organized, focused, listens to her clients and is astute at identifying the real issues and behaviors that affect the client's performance and ability to become a more effective leader and manager, realizing her full potential as a person and a leader.

Working with her clients, Ann helps the client recognize personal and business issues that impact the client's performance (including hindrances), develop a personal and business plan to improve performance while experiencing a more balanced life and personal life and, as the plan is implemented, self-monitor and self-correct performance. Ann cares about her community and her clients, both professionally and personally.

Her analytical and performance skills were developed while she reached the top in several professions, including real estate and government prior to coaching. Her business ethics and standards are exactly what you would expect from a professional who has risen to the top of her profession. I have recommended her to my clients for coaching without qualification."

Robert A. Stout, Attorney, Robert Stout, PC


"Ann has been our executive coach of choice since 2003. We send our key decision makers through her program for three simple reasons: 1) to keep them at the top of their game, 2) her program is highly individualized to the needs of each client (no cookie cutter approach) and 3) she’s dependable, fun, highly skilled and a true professional."

Peggy Biss, EVP, Chief Human Resource Officer,
Bank of the Cascades


"In my leadership roles over the past 30 years I've observed the importance of matching the right person with the right job. Ann is stunningly well suited in her role as an executive leadership coach and has demonstrated the expertise and innate ability to connect at a very deep level with our leaders. The results continue long after her contracts have ended. Ann is definitely the right person for the job of executive leadership coach for our company and I anticipate a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Golden Visions & Associates."

George Slape, President, Western Title and Escrow Company


"I rank my experience with GV&A a ‘10'. The simple yet invaluable tools in communication, delegation, balance and responsibility brought me to higher levels of success with my board and staff. It was a ‘win' for my entire organization."

Steve Westberg, President/CEO of Westberg Consulting LLC,
former CEO, Central Oregon Home, Health and Hospice

"I was one of the lucky traders in my department to be offered an opportunity to work with Ann as personal/career coach. The six-month process was very different from the typical sales training that is so common in our field. After a thorough review that forces you to look deep inside yourself, the work begins to overcome your strongest limiters AND build on your strengths. As a results, I saw improvements in both my personal and professional life. The lessons learned are not temporary, but something to apply going forward as well. I would highly recommend Ann as a personal/executive/career coach to anyone with an open mind who is willing to invest in him- or herself. It is well worth the time and effort."

Fredrik Eriksson, Partner, TYR Wood Products


"I write this recommendation with ease... Ann and I are members of a Bend based business professionals organization called Opportunity Knocks. It is here, once a month, I get to see Ann shine and understand why her client's enjoy working with her. I have been able to take Ann's advice and direction that have helped grow my business — she saw my passion and I executed immediately! I highly recommend her to anyone that is committed to improving themselves and their situation. I also recommend that you sign-up for Ann's 'Success Thoughts' via her website. Thank you Ann!"

Chris Piper, Principal, Breakout Strategic Merchandising


"I highly recommend Ann as an executive coach. I worked with her a couple of years ago and to this day continue to utilize and apply what I have learned from her in my daily life. Ann has a fabulous arsenal of resources to assist a person in meeting both tactical as well as strategic challenges. Her vast experience in working with many executives across many different industries comes through in her specific examples, recommendations and suggestions. Talking to others that have had the pleasure of working with Ann, I know that she tailors her approach to the individual, which makes her particularly effective. What I especially appreciated, and what I did not anticipate prior to working with Ann, was her focus on the big picture. To be successful at work, you need to be balanced in all areas of your life -- everything is interrelated. I have come away from working with Ann with not only the fundamental tools and approaches for a successful and fulfilling career but also a fresh approach to life."

Sandra Loder, Chief Counsel, Clear Choice Health Plans


"I have known Ann for over 20 years, and have appreciated and admired her insight and intuition. Ann not only has the ability to assist her clients pinpoint their goals, but also empower them to achieve them. I value Ann not only as a professional colleague but also a friend. Ann is the definition of integrity, she is an inspiration to everyone she touches."

Tammie Ferguson, Asset Manager, PNC Bank


"Ann has the ability to analyse situations and issues and assist the client in discovering resolution. She allows the client to find the answer, not just give them the answer. She can spot the areas of opportunities and celebrate the successes. I would highly recommend Ann to anyone who wants an objective opinion and help developing a plan to be a better you."

Sandy Bowen, Sr. Director of Human Resources at Ann Taylor


"Ann has coached several of our managers over the years. Everyone coached raves about the experience they had working with Ann, and the benefit to our company has been invaluable. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to develop themselves as a better leader."

Kevin White, Central Oregon Division Manager
at Western Title and Escrow


"Ann is a very skilled and intuitive Coach. We worked together to provide me direction as I worked though a major transition. She provided not only sound ideas and concepts for me, but also the accountability and support necessary to help me move forward. Her breadth and depth in working with a wide range of clients makes her an ideal Coach for a wide range of individuals. Coupled with her skills, strong personal attributes and broad background, Ann is a viable Coach for anyone interested in a high quality experience."

Dr. Douglas Nelson, Executive Coach with GV&A,
former Superintendent, Bend/LaPine School District


"Having an executive coach is crucial in today's business climate. Without the ability to explore critical decisions with an experienced professional, I don't know that I would have made some of the bold moves I've made. I consider GV&A's expertise and support essential to my success."

Rockland Dunn, Sales Manager, US Bank Home Mortgage


"Coaching was an investment in ‘me'. Lessons of listening, managing stress and regaining focus on my personal life provided dramatic results professionally. An investment in oneself should be our first and most important investment in life."

Jack Clark, Owner at TBD


"Hiring Ann was one of the best moves of my professional career. She is truly an expert in her field. Ann has been awarded the highest certification an executive coach can attain, MCC. A true professional, Ann partnered with me to meet the goals of my business and has become one of my most trusted advisors. Through Ann's coaching I became a stronger business woman, volunteer, wife and person. Best of all, I let go of having to prove myself to others. Every aspect of my business and personal life has been affected by the wisdom and intuition she shares with me. I recommend her without any reservation."

Samantha McCleery, Co-Founder,
McCleery Chiropractic Health Centré

"During the time I have known Ann, she has distinguished herself in the field of coaching. I have the greatest admiration for her work. The individuals she coaches are profoundly affected because of her dedication, exceptional skill and professionalism. She interacts consistently with respect, genuineness, intelligence and integrity in every aspect of her life."

Lorri Craig, CFP, MBA, Financial Advisor, Jones and Roth

"Ann provides insights to doing business, career and life coaching that are very valuable to me. It is always great to get someone else's perspective on life and business, and hers is always "Golden." Smart, easy to implement, and makes sense."

Elie Kassab, President, Prestige Development

"Several years ago, I asked Ann to help me increase my communication effectiveness, particularly as part of an international executive team. She provided some great insights and practical processes for me to use and as a result, I was part of the international employee engagement strategy team. Thanks Ann for your help in this area as well as being there to help with the everyday encouragement and support you gave on an ongoing basis."

Ann Reed, Owner/Principal Consultant at HR Annie Consulting
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