Success Stories

Welcome to the Golden Visions Success Stories page. Here you will find a compilation of stories from the people who have worked with Ann and GV&A. Though specific details are confidential, these stories will provide you with an idea of how Ann's clients excel through their work together.

Michael's Story

Michael had it all. His wife of 25 years was gorgeous and smart with a great sense of humor. His four children were well on their way to becoming contributing young adults. 

Michael, a highly accomplished heart surgeon, was admired by all for his skills in the operating room. He was a long-time partner in an esteemed medical practice of physicians and surgeons. 

His health was stellar and good looks impossible to ignore. With all of this going for him, why would he hire his own executive coach?

All of his life Michael strived to be the best-of-the-best. While his competitive nature won him an arsenal of awards, it too often also won out over relationships.

Prior to contacting me, Michael was elected as the incoming president of the board of directors for his medical group. Although he knew how excel at everything else in his life, he didn't know how to lead a group of talented partners to accomplish changes vital to staying the top medical group in his area. The medical field was changing fast, and previous presidents refused to act accordingly. Michael witnessed presidents who were either passé or abused their power. In both cases little was accomplished during their terms. Michael's passion to exact change blended with his passion to become the best leader his group had ever seen.

Much to Michael's surprise and delight, we had fun exploring the numerous challenges that surfaced during his presidency. 

We built a foundation for our work together by exploring his core values (something he'd paid little attention to in the past), his relationships, views on his practice, medicine and life. We delved into a deeper level of what determined his thoughts and actions.

As with any business setting composed of more than two individuals, Michael's group was steeped in politics. There were individuals whom he did not respect, whom as president he now had to listen to, persuade and influence.

Each week Michael brought new challenges to our sessions and 60 minutes later left with a game plan of how to proceed. What he loved most was that they were by phone, with no time wasted in driving, locating a parking spot or waiting in a lobby.

For the first time ever Michael focused on what he enjoyed in his profession while opening up to new avenues such as marketing. Soon he was in the community providing riveting presentations on topics near and dear to him. Television and radio appearances became common practice. He was surprised at how easy this all came to him as we unveiled his inner ham.

Michael was faced with challenges outside of his medical practice: the sudden and unexpected death of his best friend, his own fragility, extended family and friend complications. 

Four years from Michael's initial call I'm still here for him no matter what life presents. He calls me his confidant, inspirational guru — often lifesaver. 

Michael often states that having that one go-to person who is not judgmental is worth his weight in gold and more. In this one relationship in life he can explore whatever he wants to without someone interrupting him or suggesting that he's off base. 

Together we've created a space for him to be open, a little offbeat and free. The results are a much more productive and happy man for all to enjoy — including himself.

The End

Ann works with fascinating clients who desire to experience something more in life.

Whether it is enhancing specific skills or learning new tools and strategies for mastering life's challenges, Ann and her team of coaches are well equipped for the job.

GV&A clients have a common theme: their lives have changed or are about to change. Many times the change is of their own doing, while other times they have no choice in the matter.

Ann's clients seek expert support in navigating their changing seas with strength, foresight, focus, perspective and ease. Her motto is:

"Life doesn't have to be as difficult as we make it!”

We encourage you to contact Ann today to begin your own story.

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